Продам: We sell disposable medical masks. ONLY WHOLESALE - Купить: We sell disposable medical masks. ONLY WHOLESALE, Душанбе - Продажа: Куплю, продам разное Душанбе - 2871113



We sell disposable medical masks. ONLY WHOLESALE - Куплю, продам разное

Код: 2871113 Создано: 17-03-2020 03:38

Продам, предлагаю: Куплю, продам разное, Таджикистан, Душанбе

Masks medical disposable on elastic bands of three and four-layer Made of high quality synthetic non-woven fabric. Equipped with an antibacterial filter that prevents the migration of bacteria and the penetration of biological fluids. Made using a unique connecting technology, which provides for the powerful rolling of three layers of soft and flexible materials, which eliminates the roughness and inconvenience of traditional methods of joining materials. A flexible nasal retainer in the upper part of the mask contributes to the selection of an individual shape, a better fit of the mask to the face and, as a result, higher protection. Tactile sensations, similar to cotton, provide comfort, and a high degree of filtration - safety. You can familiarize yourself on the site. https://bezgmo.com/ Our contacts Phone: +447440963233 (Viber / WhatsApp / Telegram) Phone: +4593755387 Email: bezgmo008@gmail.com Sincerely, TM ”BezGMO”

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