Требуется: Инженер - Проектировщик (Primavera) - Вакансия: Инженер - Проектировщик (Primavera), Душанбе - Строительство, архитектура Душанбе - 2088225



Инженер - Проектировщик (Primavera) - Строительство, архитектура

Код: 2088225 Создано: 03-11-2015 08:44

Цена: 10 500 сомони

Продам, предлагаю: Строительство, архитектура, Таджикистан, Душанбе

The Planning Engineer does the Preparation, submission and updating of the project programme of works in coordination with main contractor’s project programme. On the basis of the latest scientific and technological achievements, excellence of design, construction and operation of facilities and the use of computer-aided design to develop the individual sections of the project. Participation in the collection of baseline data for the design in the technical issues of fixed objects throughout the period of design, construction, commissioning of the facility and the development of design capacity. Adaptation of the design decisions with the design decisions on other parts of the project. Ensuring that development projects and technical documentation standards, specifications and other normative documents for design and construction, as well as instructions for their development. Implementation of engineering supervision of the installation of the designed facilities, counseling. English speaker Knowledge proggramm Familiar, Primavera 6 000AED and above depending on qualifications and experience.

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Имя: Natalia
Фамилия: Novak
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